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A classical music portal and source of new music (plus an interview with me!)

Classical Source
Classical music news and reviews (and an interview with me!)

An exciting guitar trio that I am in with my friends Rebecca Baulch and Hayley Savage. We take the traditional trio to a new level!!

William Lovelady
Find out more about Bill and his wonderful music. You can also order his scores here.

Ben Verdery
One of the most inspirational guitarists/composers/teachers around.

Xuefei Yang
Xuefei and I played some duos when we shared a recital at the Dundee Guitar Festival which was great fun, she is a fantastic musician.

Rico Stovers guitar nail kit
I haven’t had to use this kit yet (thankfully my nails are strong!!) but when I get a break I’ll definitely try this out!

Andres Landino
Andres is a hugely talented photographer, who has had the job of making me look presentable on several occasions,including my wedding day!!

Guitar events info
Fantastic site with loads of info about players, festivals, competitions and general guitar news.